Behind Active Flicks

Active Flicks is run by Kacie Bryant, an active mother and gym owner who wanted to expand her services online, but none of the systems that composed her site were working properly. The videos couldn't be archived, the Newsletter signup didn't function, billing had to be done manually each month, and the social media that was integral to the marketing plan was completely missing. Working with a budget provided by a gym start-up, American Web was able to put Active Flicks on a stable platform with a video library system, recurring billing, working payment gateway, an automated newsletter management - and it was all something that could be liked on FaceBook.

A different kind of e-commerce, ActiveFlicks is a online gym with streaming exercise videos and health experts. ActiveFlicks, with a low monthly membership fee, promotes itself as a new solution for rural communities without exercise facilities, as well as an alternative to expensive gyms.

  • Streaming video library
  • Blog and Newsletter management
  • Recurring billing and membership management
  • Cloud service integration

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