J&L Teamworks

J&L Teamworks

Fraternal Twins

Massive infrastructure aside, the JLT websites demonstrate American Web's ability to carry branding across websites, across B2B and B2C, and across sub-industries. From logos to web designs, the shared brand is clearly visible while appealing to different demographics, accommodating the visual expectations of a person seeking to enhance their education as much as a employer or employee seeking to fill a position.

JLT Academy and JLT Staffing are two portals of JL Teamworks' multi-faceted medical staffing services. Providing both professional training and job placement in the medical industry has enriched both of JL Teamworks' services.
  • Member login
  • Advanced adminstrator functions and membership management
  • Shared branding
  • Powerful job listing board and archive
JLTAcademy.com and JLTStaffing.com

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